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Digital Millennium Copyright Act BabaUploads respects intellectual property rights of everyone and also expects the same from them.
BabaUploads responds very efficiently to the claims of the breaking of terms of law of Copyrights. This responsibility is given to the BabaUploads by Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, whose documentation can be found on .
if you're an owner, authorized person who can act on behalf of any right under Copyright, and think that there's happening any Copyright infringements please report to BabaUploads. The report can be submitted by completing the " DMCA Notice of Alleged Infringement" . You can deliver it to BabaUploads Designed Copyright agent. After going through the report BabaUploads will take the necessary actions, which may include removing the challenged use from services and blocking of BabaUploads user's account.
The following steps will guide you:
First of all identify the infringed work, if there is multiple work you can make a list, and provide us in the notice.
Identify the website and the relative url or urls, which you think is infringed or there should not be an access to. Add the subject of the infringing.
provide us your personal information:
mailing address, phone number, and email address(if available).
both the statements must be included in the body of the notice:
"I hereby declare that I have faith that neither owner, its agent nor the law authorized the disputed use of the Copyrighted material"
"I hereby declare that the information in the Notice is correct and, wilfully telling untruth is an offence of penalty, that I am the owner, or someone who is authorized to act on owner's behalf, of the Copyright or of a right of Copyright which is infringed allegedly."
provide your full Name and Signature (physical or electronic).
Notices for claims of violations of intellectual property can be received by BabaUploads Copyright agent at: [email protected]