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Privacy policy

BabaUplaods respects your right to privacy. We assure you, during the process of our site, that your information will be kept rigorously confidential and used only by BabaUploads in order to improve user experience. We don't share, sell, rent, or make distributions to any third parties outside of BabaUploads, except to governmental authorities.
Information Collected
In order to provide account logins and process orders for purchases BabaUploads holds data securely. Following data may be stored for each user who registers for our site:
account email address.
account password, stored using one-way hashing & encryption.
title, firstname and lastname provided during the registration process.
first, last and recent login IP addresses.
The data which our payment gateways supply to process your order. These include address data, company name, payment account email and your full name.
browser user agent, referrering site and which pages you visited.
can receive a copy of this information by making a request via our contact form.
Any information regarding credit cards is not collected and stored by BabaUploads.
How BabaUploads uses the Collected information
BabaUploads uses the collected information to provide the kind of service a user requests such as sales and customer support. BabaUploads, by user's permission, uses the provided email addresses to inform about the promotions, service or site updates and products. You may unsubscribe any time and stop receiving this information. BabaUploads may also use the provided email addresses to contact users for customer support services. In order to improve site experience, advertising, marketing and for legal disputes BabaUploads reserves the right to use any user provided information.
Linked Sites
At times we may provide links to websites operated by other parties to, BabaUploads users. These links, may be, are useful for users because of some particular reasons. The terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy of BabaUploads is not applicable to the third party sites and we're not responsible for their privacy policy as well.
Cookie Policy
In order to improve customer experience we have implemented small data files which are known as cookies, on your device. Popular sites use this too.
What are cookies?
When you visit a site some text files are saved onto your computer. Site uses them to remember your actions and preferences like login information, language etc. So you don't always have to enter this information each time you visit that site.
How do we use cookies?
Some of our pages use cookies:
To remember whether you have or havenít agreed to let the use of cookies on our site.
For external advertisers e.g. Google Ads
The login process to remember the current login session, on the site.
Enabling cookies provides you a better browsing experience.
We allow you to block or delete them but certain features, of the site, won't work as intended. The cookie data is not used to identify any individual person and the pattern data is secured by BabaUploads Free Unlimited Hosting. Cookies are not used for any other purposes instead.
Do we use other cookies?
There are some pages or sites which use additional or different kind of cookies which are not mentioned above. Their details will be provided in the cookie agreement notice for the particular site/page.
How to control cookies?
You can control and delete cookies. Most of the browsers are configured to prevent cookies. Note that if this is done certain functionality may not work as it is intended to. For further information on cookies visit:
To continue the use of BabaUploads, user must agree to the above. Note, BabaUploads reserves the right to edit the privacy policy ,mentioned above, any time. The privacy policy becomes activate as soon as it is updated. Users must regularly review the privacy policy and take notice of the alterations made.